Thursday, October 29, 2015

Upcoming 2015 Arts Council Juried Art Exhibit

My painting "Sojourner #23" was accepted to the 2015 Arts Council Juried Art Exhibit at CityArts, Wichita, KS.  The exhibition is going to start on Friday, October 30.   This year's Juror is Brian Hinkle.  This is the fifth consecutive year that my works were accepted to this juried show.

334 N. Mead St. Wichtia, KS 67202
Final Friday Gallelry Opening:  Oct. 30, 2015, 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday, October 16, 2015

Botanica Fall Project -- Pumpkin Emoji Amphitheater

For Botanica's fall project, each of us was going to make two pieces, one with natural materials, and another with pumpkins.  My idea of making an amphitheater using pumpkins for the circular shaped seating area got approved, so after I finished installing my "Prairie Origami Cranes and Nest,"  I started making this amphitheater.

The site for the piece

 A load of pumpkins

 I painted emoji faces on each pumpkins.  Each one shows different emotion.

 Setting them up

From the stage side                                  

Zoomed up views of the actors.  The waterfall sounds like opera singing.   

The view was pretty spectacular with bright orange color and many round pumpkins placed along the circular elements of the site.  While I was setting it up and painting the faces, I saw people saying "Whoaaaa!" They were walking around the piece, looking at the details, smiling at them, and taking photos of the piece.  I was thanked by many people for making this work.  

The artist statement is here.  

The complete view of my outdoor installation "Pumpkin Emoji Amphitheater"

Botanica Fall Project -- Installing a Nest and Origami Cranes

This is the site for the nest.  I made the nest by interlocking the twigs and tree sticks, without any wires nor nails, just like birds do.  

A load of sticks  

I see weddings going on almost everyday.  Congratulations!  Now the cranes were installed.

This site gets gorgeous shadows in sunny afternoons

Black and white view

Shadow crane

While I was making it, people came in to the nest and started taking photos one after another.  Love it!

Completed views of my outdoor installation "Prairie Origami Cranes and Nest"

My cranes move!

This piece is going to be up there for the month of October.  The artist statement is here.

701 Amidon St, Wichita, KS 67203
9:00am - 5:00pm

Botanica Fall Project -- Making of the Origami Crane Element

After some brainstorming, I decided to make a mobile origami cranes and their nest for the site of the arbor and pathway area.
Since it is outdoor, strong and durable materials were needed for the armature.  So with the steel rods,  I made a simplified but good enough design to suggest the form of an origami crane.

After measuring, cutting and bending the steel rods, I got a help with welding part.  

I did put a helmet, though, to assist him.  Here is my selfie. 

Nine cranes were made.  They have slightly different postures.

Then I added the twines and the wires.  They serve as an armature for the surface.

Natural materials such as tall grasses, twigs, and leaves were inserted to the surface and they were ready to be installed at the site in Botanica.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Botanica Fall Project -- Choosing the Sites

I am making outdoor installations at Botanica, a botanical garden in Wichita, KS. This is a part of the October event at Botanica.  These outdoor art works are going to be featured at an big event called Bootanica, which attracts about 5,000 people.  I am one of the four artists who are making sculptures and installation for this project.  We are going to make some fall themed works as well as some pumpkin oriented works.  We decided to collaborate in some parts of the project.   I'm going to show the process of making the works in the next couple of blogs.

In August, we visited Botanica to look for the potential sites for our works.  I was attracted to these two particular areas;  one is the arbor and the pathway area with circular windows and another is the circular shaped seating area with waterfalls. They are juxtaposed to each other in the same garden called Beverly R. Blue Teaching Garden.

Site 1

I like these circular windows.  They remind me of the circular windows at Japanese traditional rooms which we often see in architectures in old places like Kyoto.

Site 2

This area looks like an amphitheater.  The waterfalls sound like singing from the stage.