Thursday, August 27, 2020

Visiting our "City Bird Keeper" and Artist Statement

      This past weekend, my daughter and I visited the Keeper that was installed at Clapp Park for the first time. It has been installed at the Northeast corner of the park near Oliver and Harry street, and you can see it from the intersection at Harry street as well. The Keeper is not far from the clubhouse at the park. We took pictures of the Keeper and the nameplate.  We feel so honored and humbled.  We are so thankful to the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce and Together Wichita for organizing this project Keeper 150! Here are the full artist statement and pictures that we took! 

Artist Statement:  City Bird Keeper (Wichita District 3, Clapp Park)

Sarah & Chiyoko Myose


We are incredibly grateful to paint one of the Keepers on Parade to commemorate Wichita’s 150th birthday. The Keeper has become a symbol of unity and identity in our city, and we are reminded of the history and roots of this work of art. We would like to give our utmost respect and homage to Blackbear Bosin, the Kiowa-Comanche artist who created the original Keeper of the Plains, and Native Americans in Wichita and across the United States. The Keeper is a reminder to us of the land we are on and indigenous cultures that are often overlooked and misrepresented. We are reminded that, unlike Native Americans, we are all immigrants and sojourners on this land in the United States, and the Keeper is a symbol of this unity and strength we have as a community.

Our design for the Keeper illustrates the colorful, bright, and active personality of District 3, where Clapp Park is located. We decided to include buildings, imagery, and symbols from the north end of District 3 to create this design. Notable buildings include the Clapp Park clubhouse, Water Center, St. Joseph Hospital, All Saints Catholic Church, John Mack Bridge, and WSU Tech campus. These structures are interesting. In a sense, they illustrate different facets of peoples' needs such as medical, educational, spiritual, political, and social needs. We chose this stylized and simplified mode of rendering to create a vibrant and whimsical tone.

At the base of the Keeper, an overlapping river illustrates the Arkansas River that flows throughout the district, while a bright, blue sky breaks through.

Large, white birds fly through the Keeper, which symbolize the district’s history of manufacturing airplanes, the McConnell Air force base, and the significance of being at the heart of the “Air Capital” of the world. Flying upward, the birds illustrate the community’s efforts to soar high and “fly” together.

Colorful circles overlap the elements in the design, which are exemplary of the round shape of golf balls and disc golf. Both golf and disc golf are activities based on the importance of working towards a common goal. These games provide the opportunity to find respite in recreation, exploration, and leisure outdoors. They have both been the main attraction at Clapp Park.  The circles also represent the movement of thoughts.  

At the back of the Keeper, two hands meet to shake hands to illustrate the shared value of working together as a community. Through thick and thin, the people of District 3 continue to thrive and collaborate with one another and make a community that is strong and firm.

We hope to illustrate thriving scenery for District 3 and celebrate the area’s history and diversity of experiences. This Keeper design is a symbol of a multitude of perspectives, personalities, and positive experiences in the community. 


       Please visit our Keeper and share the selfies of your visit!  Fun quiz question:  How many staircases and doorways can you find?  We included an element that tells the notion of "time" at two places.  Can you find them?  

City Bird Keeper
Clapp Memorial Park (NE corner of the park)  
4611 E. Harry St, Wichita, KS 67218
There is a parking lot on the west side of the clubhouse. 

     Also, here is the link to  Keeper 150 , the one-hour documentary which was produced by KPTS, Channel 8 in Wichita, Kansas. The show was premiered on KPTS in August 2020.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Our Keeper is Installed at Clapp Park!

     Our Keeper is now installed at Clapp Park.  It is in the North-East corner of the park and fairly close to the Club House. It is between what used to be the 17th green 18th tee box.  My daughter and I are very excited!  We're so thankful and honored to be able to create artwork for the community.  We hope it is going to be enjoyed for many years to come.  We haven't seen it, yet, but here are some photos that are shared on Facebook. 

Photo Credit: Wichita District 3 Facebook


Photo Credit: Together Wichita Facebook

Photo Credit: Together Wichita Facebook

We can see it from Harry Street, near the intersection with Oliver Street, too. 

Photo Credit: Together Wichita Facebook

     We're so thankful to those who work behind the scenes!  
Photo Credit: Together Wichita Facebook

     Clapp Memorial Park is located in South Wichita between S. Oliver St. and S. Bluff St. and between Harry St. and E. Mt. Vernon St.  If you are in Wichita, please visit the site and take a photo in front of the Keeper!