Sunday, May 29, 2016

Art Byway Along Kansas 177 and Publications

     A vision of making an "art byway" along Kansas 177 is growing and taking shape.  There are four contemporary art galleries in this area, which might be unexpected in such a remote place.  One of them is the Bank Art Space, where my show is going on right now.  The other three galleries are The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs, Symphony in the Flint Hills Gallery, and The Volland Store.   A plan of making a sculpture path is also underway.  Recently, the story of this vision and some new movements of this plan were written and published in Kansas City Star newspaper.  A color photo of my installation from my show was included in this article.

     Another publication of  my works which happened through this show was in a book called "Symphony in the Flint Hills Journey, The Field Journal 2016".   My outdoor installation "Prairie Origami Cranes and Nest" and my painting  "Sojourning #11" were included in this issue.  This book can be purchased through this page.

     I made another trip to Matfield Green to visit my show and to explore the area.  This time, I went all the way up to Alma in Wabaunsee County, where The Volland Store Gallery, one of the galleries along Kansas 177, is located.  A show titled "Paper Giants" was going on.  This show is up until May 29th.  

The Volland Store

     While the pasture is so green, I hope you could visit this area and enjoy the landscape and four galleries.  

Shirotaeno - Prairie Journey
The Bank Art Space
Reed St, Kansas Scenic Byway 177, Matfield Green KS
Date: April 9 - June 5, 2016 Fri, Sat, &  Sun. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm