Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 B & A Show at t Gallery in Ochanomizu, Tokyo

A friend of mine in Japan kindly went to see the 2013 B & A Show in Tokyo and sent these photos for me.  The show has ended, but I just want to share these photos.  

This was the very first show at a newly opened gallery called "t" gallery in Ochanomizu.  "t" came from the shape of a cross, "t"alent, and "t"ransmission.  This gallery is opened with the hope of "transmitting the meaning of the cross through our own individually given talent."   In this show, the works by 42 artists were exhibited.  I am so thankful that my painting "Sojourning #12" was included in this commemorative show.  

日本に住む私の友人が2013年 B&A Show に足を運んでくれ、写真を送ってくれました。このショーは tギャラリーというお茶の水に新しくできたギャラリーの最初のショーです。tギャラリーのtは十字架、タラント(賜物)、トランスミッション(伝達、伝送)の意味だそうです。「それぞれが与えられた賜物を通して、十字架の意味を伝えていく働き」という意味がこめられたギャラリーだそうです。この展示会には42人のアーティストの方々の作品が展示されました。このギャラリーのオープニングを記念する展示会に私の絵、『寄留 No.12』を含めていただけたことを心から感謝しています。

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Painting on CD Cover

The person who bought one of my paintings three years ago is a musician.  She recently published her new original music CD.  The the image of my painting is the album cover, and the title of the painting is the album title.  I feel so honored!

The painting displayed at my solo exhibition three years ago

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