Monday, September 10, 2018

Upcoming Show "Origami Cranes in Blue"

      "Origami Cranes in Blue" that I showed at Oklahoma Contemporary is going to be shown again.  This time is going to be in my city, Wichita, at Newman University Steckline Gallery.  Steckline Gallery is a beautiful gallery and a perfect sized space to show my origami cranes.  I hope you will be able to come and experience the piece.

Date: Nov. 30 - Dec. 21
Opening Reception: Nov. 30 (Fri.), 5 - 7:00pm
Artist Talk: Dec. 4 (Tue.), 12 - 1:00pm

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Photos from "Sojourning Threads" Performance at Oklahoma Contemporary

     I received professionally taken photos at the music event from Oklahoma Contemporary the other day.  At this event, the chamber music piece "Sojourning Threads" composed by Daniel Racer based on my four installations was performed.  The visitors were encouraged to walk around the space looking at the installations while listening to the music.  

Viola: Kay Buskirk
Oboe: Cindy Thomson
Double bass: Daniel Racer

Photos: Brandon Seekins, Courtesy Oklahoma Contemporary

     The show ended successfully with many visitors and tours.  Several events and summer camp activities happened inspired by my show.  Thank you again to Oklahoma Contemporary for choosing and hosting my show and to the people of Oklahoma City for visiting my show and contributing to my work by adding threads.  My piece has become even more meaningful.  

Photos:  Chiyoko Myose


      Here is how the wall piece in the Learning Gallery developed.