Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"A Thread X A Thread" at TANADA Piece Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

     Another show in Japan was at TANADA Piece Gallery, Kyoto.  The show title was "A Thread X (Meets) A Thread Meets TANADA Piece Gallery." The blog page of the gallery is here.


This was before I started installing the work.

     TANADA Piece Gallery is a unique architectural / interior design award-winning gallery designed by a Japanese architecture company, GENETO.  This gallery was built by retired teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Ohue, the gallery owners, who had a vision to create a space for the community to get together and spend time. Their hope is to send a message of "peace" from this place through peoples' interaction. You can read more about this gallery here.  As the concept for the gallery, Mr. Ohue used the word "Spiral Shifting Thinking."


       The space is white with four levels and the spiral steps, which evokes a sense of ethereal light and transparency.  It is also a fun space with ups and downs and some hidden places and a pinnacle.  The gallery itself is already a piece of art work.  It was so exciting to show my work in such an interesting space.



     The show was visited by local people and my friends in Japan.  The visitors kindly participated in making this piece by adding threads.  Each knot means the notion of treasuring the moment of meeting people.  I wonder how this work is going to grow.  You can read more about this work here.


     With the big front window, the gallery looks like a lighted showcase from the outside.  This window brought more unexpected effects.  From the inside, you see the reflections of the people's figures, objects, and the lights after dark.  The space looked enlarged, doubled or more.


     I added these circular spiral elements with hand-crocheted threads for this show.  The reason why I made these shapes was to respond to the curvilinear lines of the interior design.  It was also probably because I had Mr. Ohue's word "Spiral Shifting Thinking" in my mind.



     On Christmas Eve, I lit lights which were randomly tied onto my piece.  This view was from the top level inside - the reflection on the big front window looked like a dove flying.


This view was from the outside front yard.  Is it mimicking the tree?


  After the show, I returned the space to the original condition.   I am so thankful to the gallery owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ohue for hosting the show and their warm hospitality.  It was really a precious time and experience to meet such a one of a kind space, my old friends, and new friends who came to the show.

 ショーが終わって、ギャラリーを元に戻しました。 オーナーの大植様ご夫妻にはショーをさせて頂き、また温かいホスピタリティーに大変感謝でした。この様な、世界に二つとないような空間に出会えたこと、また自分の個展ができたこと、また遠いためにめったに会えない古くからの友人達にこの様な場所で会えたこと、ショーに来て下さった皆さんお一人お一人との出会いを振り返ると、これは本当に貴重な時間と体験だったと思わされました。

     I am hoping this installation art piece will be exhibited in different countries and meet more people.  この作品がさらに様々な国で展示され、より多くの人と出会うことを願っています。
J'espère que cette pièce d'art d'installation sera exposée dans différents pays et rencontrera plus de gens.

Espero que esta obra de arte de instalación se exhibirá en diferentes países y conocer a más personas.
Ich hoffe, diese Installation Kunstwerk wird in verschiedenen Ländern ausgestellt werden und treffen mehr Menschen.
Nadam se instalacija umjetničko djelo će biti izložene u različitim zemljama i upoznati više ljudi.

Monday, January 9, 2017

"A Thread X A Thread" at Chiba Port Tower, Chiba, Japan

     I'm back in Wichita, Kansas from my busy trip to Japan.  I had two shows in Japan, one at Chiba Port Tower in Chiba, and another was at TANADA Piece Gallery in Kyoto.


     Chiba Port Tower is a landmark building in Chiba, the next prefecture to Tokyo, which attracts more than 5,000 people during the Christmas season. There is an observatory at the top three levels from where you can see the 360° view of Chiba Port and Chiba area, Tokyo, and even Mt. Fuji .  When we were there, the tower was decorated with a Christmas illumination.  Here are some photos from the observatory at the top floor.  

Mt. Fuji in the distance

Chiba Port

Chiba City area

     They have an art gallery on the first floor, which was the space for my work.  This gallery is the closest gallery to the place where my mother lives; that was the reason why this show happened.  My piece was shown there for ten days.      

My daughter helping me with installing the piece

The first visitors to my work at Chiba Port Tower

(photo:  Hisayoshi Saito,Chiba Port Tower 写真提供 千葉ポートタワー斎藤久芳館長)

(photo:  Hisayoshi Saito,Chiba Port Tower 写真提供 千葉ポートタワー斎藤久芳館長)

(photo:  Hisayoshi Saito,Chiba Port Tower 写真提供 千葉ポートタワー斎藤久芳館長)

      After my daughter and I came back from a trip to Kansai, we saw so many threads were added and some of them were quite creative.   Thank you, people in Chiba, for adding the threads!

     It was quite a special experience to exhibit my work at a landmark building where so many people visited and interacted with my piece.