Tuesday, March 30, 2021

KMUW Artist Series Zoom Interview Video on YouTube

     Here is the link to the Zoom interview video Chiyoko Myose Interview / KMUW Artist Series on YouTube.  It is a little long (7mins), so you may feel like a marathon runner at the end.  My original draft was even longer than this, so bear with me!  

     My painting Sojourning #21 is now nicely framed and printed on t-shirts.  The painting is displayed on the wall at the KMUW's office entrance area.  The office is not open to the public due to the pandemic, though.  Hopefully, the situation will get better by the time when the exhibition is held this fall! 

 This photo was reposted from KMUW's Instagram post saying,

Community engagement coordinator Haley Crowson is modeling our new t-shirt, featuring artwork by Chiyoko Myose. You can get yours by making a donation to KMUW of $120 or more. Call (316) 987-6700 to talk to a staff member, or click the 'Donate' button at KMUW.org.

     Here are the mug cups.  I like the vivid colors and the shininess.  It looks like there are two different cups, but actually, one cup has two images.  If you place two cups next to each other, the design looks like they are connected with the line elements.  Fun!


Thursday, March 11, 2021

10 Years After Tohoku Disaster and Hisakatano

    Today is 10 years since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. After 10 years, the journey still continues. Japan's grief and loss can never truly heal. I would like to send my sincere condolence to all who have been affected. I pray that such a devastating disaster won't happen anywhere in the world.


One year after the disaster, I made this piece "Hisakatano". I learned that creating something can help us calm our hearts and make us move on even in the time of mourning.


     The title of this piece "Hisakatano" is from a waka, a short poem by Kino Tomonori from the 9th century.  The word Hisakatano itself does not have a meaning, but it is a word that goes with the word ‘the light’. The poem goes like this...

On such a light tranquil spring day,
Why do the cherry blossoms fall like restless thoughts?



You can read the artist statement here.  

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

KMUW Artist Series 2021 Designs for the Mugs and T-Shirts

     The designs for the mugs and t-shirts or the KMUW Artist Series are presented.    


     Photo: from KMUW website

     The left image is my installation "Gift" (detail,) and the right image is my painting  "Sojourning #21".  Here is the page to reserve them for you and support KMUW. 

     To know more about the KMUW Artist Series, please click here.

                                                                  Photo: from KMUW website


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

KMUW Artist Series 2021

     I am selected to be the featured artist for the KMUW Artist Series Program 2021.  KMUW is the NPR for Wichita KS.  Artist Series is a pledge drive event for KMUW, but also a long-running artist recognition event that KMUW has.  Each year, they recognize two artists, but this year they selected only one due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The program will run from spring through the end of the year. 

     Two of my pieces, one installation image, and one painting will be featured on their coffee mugs and t-shirts.  Please make your donation at KMUW.org to get yours and support KMUW.  

     During the spring pledge drive period, the digital interviews will be aired.  In the fall, my work will be exhibited at their exhibition space including a video presentation.

       I feel honored and humbled.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to do something for the community even during this time of the pandemic.  I hope my work will be meaningful and serve well for the community in this challenging time.