Friday, May 23, 2014

Rewinding - Installation Art with Origami Cranes & Used Video Tape

Here are some more photos of my new installation art piece "Rewinding."   This piece is made of paper and used video tapes.  I was always wanting to include origami elements in my installation art, so I am glad it happened this time, and I feel I want to do it more in the future.  It is natural for me to make origami pieces because I grew up making them as most of the Japanese kids do. 

I have noticed myself using more found objects, everyday objects, for my installation art lately.  This is probably because I like the idea of recycling.  And these everyday objects are quite inspiring!  Since I have many VHS video tapes that I no longer use, I thought it was a good idea to use them for my art rather than just throwing them away.  The artist statement of this work is here.  I made this piece to show at The First Wichita Emerging Artists Award Exhibit.  I hope to make this piece again at a different site. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wichita's First Emerging Artists Award Exhibit

Wichita's first ever Emerging Artists Award Exhibit was held during the Friends of Wichita Art Museum 55th Art & Book Fair last week.   The exhibit was sponsored by Arts Council Inc. of Wichita and hosted by the Friends of Wichita Art Museum (FWAM).  This was a special exhibit presentation of works by eight juried finalists at Century II, Exhibition Hall, May 9 -10, and the "La Noche de Fiesta" VIP Preview event, May 9th.

A painting by Tim Stone and a sculpture by Nam Le

I started installing my installation art piece from the morning of the first day of the event and finished it right before the jurors came to see the work.  It was nerve wracking, but I had great fun making it.  The finished work looked so fresh. Above all this fun, I was chosen as one of the three recipients of the cash award!  It is so encouraging to receive money through practicing installation art which is ephemeral and unsellable.   I would like to send my special thanks to the jurors, Dan Rouser, Mary Werner, Carl Mitchell, Tina Murano, Bradshaw Bernadette, and Lindsey Herkommer. I feel so humbled and honored knowing that each juror is a great leader in various art scenes in Wichita.  I also want to thank Christopher Gulick, the chair person of the Art & Book Fair event who supported us before and during the exhibit, and of course, I appreciate the person who nominated me to this event.

My installation art work "Rewinding", paper & used video tape, 2014

An article about the event is here.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friends of the Wichita Art Museum Art and Book Fair “Emerging Artist Awards Exhibit”

I am making a new installation work for this event.  I was nominated as one of the 8 finalists.

Friends of the Wichita Art Museum Art and Book Fair
“Emerging Artist Awards Exhibit”
Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center
22 W. Douglas Avenue, Wichita, KS 67202

VIP Opening, “La Noche de Fietsa” May 9th 7-9:30pm
“Emerging” awards announcements held during the VIP Opening.
Tickets are available, $50.00 per person. 
Exhibit runs through the weekend of May 10-11.
Admission to the Art and Book Fair during weekend is free.