Tuesday, October 23, 2012

B&A 2012 + C Show in Yokohama, Japan

My painting is included in  'B&A 2012 + C Show' in Yokohama, Japan this week.

Place:  Mission Hall, Shimizugaoka-kyokai, 1-37-10, Minami Ota, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Date:   Oct. 22 - 27, 2012
           11:00am - 6:00pm
           The final day 11:00am - 4:00pm

This is the annual show organized by B&A (Bible & Art) Ministries in Japan.
At this show, the artworks by 42 artists are exhibited.  My painting 'Sojourning #12' is exhibited and the postcards of my paintings are available to purchase.  All the profits will go to support the recovery efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

I hope you can enjoy the show if you are in this area.

バイブル&アート 2012 + チャリティー展
日時 10月22日(月)- 10月27日(土)

場所 横浜市南区南太田1-37-10


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trish Higgins Fine Art 'Artist Spotlight Interview'

From the October 2011 issue of News from Trish Higgins Fine Art

Studio Visit with Chiyoko Myose

  1. Tell me about your latest project.
     I have been working on a series of paintings with the title of ‘Sojourning’.  I am expressing my longing for a place to fully call home, suggesting aspects like place, memory, and seeking.  I am also exploring installation art which I will mention later.

2.  Give me three adjectives that sum up your current work or studio experiences.
      Evocative, Close to my heart, Contemplative.

  1. How does this relate to your earlier work?
     All the paintings of this body of work have the same system of three layers. Each layer expresses a different facet of the reality of my life as a sojourner.  The overall image is a conceptual landscape reflecting the map of my own journey.  Although I keep the specific meanings of the elements enigmatic, I hope the viewers relate to the broader theme, interpret the images themselves and make their own journey, or enjoy the images just like listening to their own favorite music.

  1. What artists are currently influencing your work?
     I am influenced by different types of artists for this current work.  They include Hiroshi Sugito with stage-like landscape, Reed Danziger with decorative motifs, and Thomas Nozkowski with inventive and enigmatic abstraction.  I always like Paul Klee.  Also, I don’t want to forget basic color theory such as Hans Hofmann’s color push and pull, and Joseph Albers’ color relativity / interaction.  These color effects remind me of some personal meanings to me.  I love color, and am fascinated by the mystery of color every time I paint.

  1. What other (visual, conceptual, technical) influences inform your artistic practice?
     My everyday experiences as a ‘sojourner’ inspire the concept of this work.  Also, conversations with other people who share a similar situation inspire me, too. 
     I am also exploring installation art for the same theme.  With my installation art, rather than deciding on a specific concept beforehand, I try to be responsive to the site and the materials first.  I sometimes start working without knowing what the finished image will be like.  While I am executing, I often gain insight into the life of a sojourner, which can be eye-opening and rewarding.

6.   If you were not maintaining your artistic practice, what would you be doing instead?
     I would be doing blogging heavily.