Tuesday, March 30, 2021

KMUW Artist Series Zoom Interview Video on YouTube

     Here is the link to the Zoom interview video Chiyoko Myose Interview / KMUW Artist Series on YouTube.  It is a little long (7mins), so you may feel like a marathon runner at the end.  My original draft was even longer than this, so bear with me!  

     My painting Sojourning #21 is now nicely framed and printed on t-shirts.  The painting is displayed on the wall at the KMUW's office entrance area.  The office is not open to the public due to the pandemic, though.  Hopefully, the situation will get better by the time when the exhibition is held this fall! 

 This photo was reposted from KMUW's Instagram post saying,

Community engagement coordinator Haley Crowson is modeling our new t-shirt, featuring artwork by Chiyoko Myose. You can get yours by making a donation to KMUW of $120 or more. Call (316) 987-6700 to talk to a staff member, or click the 'Donate' button at KMUW.org.

     Here are the mug cups.  I like the vivid colors and the shininess.  It looks like there are two different cups, but actually, one cup has two images.  If you place two cups next to each other, the design looks like they are connected with the line elements.  Fun!