Wednesday, September 30, 2020

More Photos of A Thread X (Meets) A Thread at Red Barn Studio

     Here are some more photos from my artist residency experience at Red Barn Studio.  It was a great feeling to be able to use this space by myself day and night.  It's a magical place; a historical charming building with details of the artist's spirited craftmanship.  During the two weeks' stay, I did some experiments with some abstract painting techniques, worked on a prototype of a sculpture, and did some quick gestural representational paintings.   Every new work I did there was experimental and I'm glad I was able to try these while I did not have any pressure or obligation to show them in public.         


     The installation piece A Thread X A Thread has become even more important after meeting special people in Lindsborg.  Some people were traveling and happened to stop by at the museum.  Many of the conversations were so inspirational and encouraging. 


      I was also very grateful that I could stay at the apartment next to the studio in which Lester Raymer was actually living.  My most favorite in the apartment was a copper-like work by Raymer at the top of a door.  I enjoyed the small details of the building which were created by Raymer.  

     I took many photos of my installation A Thread X A Thread, my nest here, in the studio from the lower floor and the upper floor.  It just looked different depends on whether it was in a dark or light setting.  Being able to access the studio day and night and the presence of a large window enabled me to take these photos.  

     It was hard to leave this place after two weeks' happy time and adventure.  I would like to do this again if the Lord is willing.