Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Built a Birds' Nest With My "A Thread X A Thread"

     So, before I started making new work here at Red Barn, I installed my installation "A Thread X A Thread" in the studio.  I am so glad that I could install it all by myself since this space is relatively smaller and has an upper floor from where I could reach the higher positions to hang the piece.  Also, the ceiling has some good hooks and nails that I could use.   I call this piece in this studio a "birds' nest," my home, to create works.  Since we have been going through a unique time right now, I added a couple of lines to my original artist statement for this touchable work.  I hope people will feel better this way.  As a nest, it works perfectly anyway!  Photo Credit goes to Steve Bowersox.

     I added these lines:   "I ask the viewers to add a thread as an expression of treasuring the moment of meeting people.  Since we have been going through the Coronavirus pandemic, I would ask you to use hand sanitizer before and after you touch the piece.  You're also welcome not to touch the piece.  In that case, please add a thread just in your mind."   

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