Saturday, July 3, 2021

"Gifts from Our Homeland" is Installed at Salilna HEC

       After the second part of the installation work for my new piece "Gifts from Our Homeland" was finished by an electrician, I went up to Salina, KS again to check the piece.  It was beautifully installed and the information plaque was already posted.  If you missed my previous blog article on this work, please click here.  

Artist Statement

Gifts from Our Homeland


Mixed media

Chiyoko Myose

Wichita, Kansas


       “Gifts from Our Homeland” was inspired by the selfless hard work of medical professionals and the unique mission of KU School of Medicine and School of Nursing in Salina, KS.  This piece has several layers of meaning; it sends a message of hope and appreciation while also signifying the importance of relationships and the home.

     The circular element in each shadowbox indicates a breath, a sign of hope for the patients.  The alternation in size from left to right or from right to left represents the movement of breathing.  The material of gauze reminds us of the medical workers’ gentle touch and determination to care for wounded people.  Each circle also connotes a flower bouquet to send appreciation to the medical professionals.  The background represents the Kansas landscape with gold-colored open fields.  The material of the thread signifies the relationship with the people of Kansas and our homeland.   Adding fiber optic cable lights not only enhance the meanings of the piece but also represents the importance of communication in medical practice, including telemedicine.    

       The fiber optic cables can be lit up by downloading the app; the lights can change color and can create movement in the piece.  After your use, please turn off the light and close the app by swiping up. 


     During this time of the pandemic, I thought about medical professionals and their hard work many many times.  I wanted to express my appreciation to them somehow and I am grateful that this opportunity came at a very good timing.  

The piece without lighting

     I took many photos and videos and played with the fiber optic cable lights by downloading the app.  Everything worked great and it was fun! 

     I'm putting the lights on and changing the movement.  There are several movements available such as "fade," "breathe," "jump," and "flash."  However, the color choices are limited depending on the movement.  That is the only downside of this fiber optic cable light product I found.  For example, I wanted to use only white color with "breathe" movement, but there is no option like that.  It has a remote control as well, but we decided not to place it for public use.  


From the inside of the lounge area

Reflection on the lounge windows. 
It looks like there is another piece on the other side?

Changing the colors

Seeing the color change on the five pieces together.  I like the slight time lag.
Seeing the movement walking by.


Video of the detail
The piece can respond to voice and music.

     This sound feature was so cool, but I would suggest that the school not use it when classes are in session.  The sound and music may interfere with classes and exams.  
     The school is planning an opening event in the fall.  I don't know if it is going to be open to the public.  I presume they will give a tour or something like it if somebody asks for it in the future.  They have many gorgeous artworks in this building. I am so excited and grateful that my work was included in their collection. I hope this piece will be enjoyed by the people at the school for many years to come. 

KU School of Medicine Salina Health Education Center
138 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Salina, Kansas, 67401
Tel: (785) 822-0400