Monday, May 29, 2017

The Opening Reception of "Movements of Threads" at City Arts

     Thank you so much to those of you who came to the opening reception of my show at CityArts!  I had  the most wonderful time meeting a lot of you and receiving many positive comments.  Thank you to CityArts for having my show!  Special thanks go to CityArts artistic director Emily Brookover who worked hard for this demanding show as well as three other shows, Michael Jensen who helped me exclusively with installing the works with the most gentle and patient spirit, and Jan Taylor who helped me with many details of the works and lifted my heart.  I also want to thank Marilyn Grisham and Mike Miller for always giving me helpful advice, and Lindsay Benacka, the former CityArts artistic director who invited me to do this show about two years ago.

     I am glad the music performance by Daniel Racer, Kay Buskirk, and Cindy Thompson went well, too.  They said they were going to be a part of the arts..., and they were indeed with their graceful sound and presence!  I am so humbled that and original classical music was composed and performed based on my art, this is still beyond surreal.  If you missed it, they are going to provide a CD to listen to at the gallery, which will be ready sometime next week. They are also thinking about performing it at formal recitals in the future.

The musicians rehearsing in the morning of the opening reception.  

"Gift" and me with a big name tag

The reception was only two hours, but I heard about 800 people came.  Many more threads were added to my piece.  Thank you, Wichita!

I still think painting is my main discipline.

"Bloom" and the musicians

From the second floor balcony

"Akari" and "A Thread X A Thread"

"Gift" and "A Thread X A Thread"

     I often feel I don't have much talent, but I can do things like putting paint on canvases, braiding strands and tying knots.  I thank God who can use such small things and make a bigger picture.  This show will be on view through June 24th.  Hope you can visit the show if you haven't, while it's still there!

Movements of Threads
Place:  Main Gallery, CityArts
Date:  May 26 - June 24, 2017