Friday, May 23, 2014

Rewinding - Installation Art with Origami Cranes & Used Video Tape

Here are some more photos of my new installation art piece "Rewinding."   This piece is made of paper and used video tapes.  I was always wanting to include origami elements in my installation art, so I am glad it happened this time, and I feel I want to do it more in the future.  It is natural for me to make origami pieces because I grew up making them as most of the Japanese kids do. 

I have noticed myself using more found objects, everyday objects, for my installation art lately.  This is probably because I like the idea of recycling.  And these everyday objects are quite inspiring!  Since I have many VHS video tapes that I no longer use, I thought it was a good idea to use them for my art rather than just throwing them away.  The artist statement of this work is here.  I made this piece to show at The First Wichita Emerging Artists Award Exhibit.  I hope to make this piece again at a different site.