Monday, January 30, 2012

Come to Your Senses: Multi-Sensory Art Event Show

My Painting 'Sojourning #11' was included in this show at WSU Shiftspace Gallery for Wichita's Final Friday event in January.

                                                                                      Wall art by Keegan Rogers
WSU Shiftspace Gallery is usually for showcasing WSU students' works, but this time, it was open to artists working in the community.  The show included 'multi-sensory' works such as 2D and 3D visual works, performance, poetry reading, video, technologies, tasting cuisine, electronica, etc.
 Shiftspace Gallery has made a big makeover with the curved wall dividing the space for this show and I think this partition will enable showing more WSU students' works in the future exhibitions as well.

                                                                 Mirror installation by Seth Blume on the left
Individual works were connected by the wall drawing by Keegan Rogers which gave a sense of inviting, and unity to the show as a whole.  In front of my painting, across the walk way, a mirror installation by Seth Blume was installed.  The reflection of the mirrors with geometric square and rectangular shapes was on the wall before my painting and the fragmented images of my painting with geometric shapes were in the mirrors, which I found amusing and interactive to each other.

                                                         "Touch" interactive touch wall by John Harrison
This is a projected installation by John Harrison.  When the viewers touch the wall, the projected image was altered and moved by the sensor.