Thursday, July 2, 2020

Finding a Place for the Keeper

The other day, we were asked which particular spot of the park we would like to place our Keeper, so we went to the park again.  Since it is a huge park with no vehicle accessiblity inside, it was nearly impossible to see the whole place, but we knew it had to be the place that people can go to see easily even with wheelchairs.  We decided to focus on the area close to the Clapp Park building with the park's main parking lot nearby.

Since the park was a former golf course, it has a lot of remnants of the circular putting greens.  They looked like a nice place for sculptures/statues.  We particularly liked a couple of these circular areas; one near the Clapp Park building and one close to the corner of the cross-section of Oliver St. and Harry St.  The first one is very close to the park building which is easily accessible, and the second one is visible from the street.  We decided to nominate these two places and leave it up to Together Wichita to decide the rest.