Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Thread X A Thread in a Time of Uncertainty

     In the current show at Manhattan Arts Center, I'm showing my installation A Thread X (Meets) A Thread.  This piece was originally designed as a touchable art; I have asked viewers to add threads to my piece.  However, since we have been going through the Coronavirus pandemic, I needed to change the concept of this work, at least for this exhibition.

       I installed the piece in a small enclosed area in the gallery and added masking tapes to suggest them as the signs to say, "do not enter" or "keep the social distance of at least six feet."  It was inspired by the blue masking tape which started to appear everywhere we went this spring.  Here is the artist statement that I wrote for this exhibition.

Regularly, with A Thread X (Meets) A Thread, I ask viewers to add threads as an expression of treasuring the moment of meeting people.  Since we have been just going through the Coronavirus pandemic, I would ask you not to touch the artwork, but to add a thread just in your mind instead, for this exhibition.  This illustrates that during this time of uncertainty, touchable things have changed to untouchable things; the norms have changed completely.  We should not take our norms for granted.  It makes me think that it is even more precious to meet people and to treasure each moment with them.  I hope this difficult time will be over completely and that the original idea for this artwork will come back soon.

     I am also displaying some photos of my previous shows.  They show the original images of the work, the images of the people who are interacting with the piece.  

"Chiyoko Myose Solo Exhibition - Sojourning in a Time of Uncertainty"
Kirmser Gallery,
Manhattan Arts Center
1520 Poyntz Ave.
Manhattan, KS, 66502
Date:  July 11 - August 8, 2020

For the details of the gallery, go to Manhattan Arts Center's website.