Friday, July 3, 2020

Painting "City Bird Keeper"

     Here is a set of photos toward the end of the painting of our Keeper.  The large birds throughout the Keeper symbolize the district's history of manufacturing airplanes, the McConnell Air Forse base, and the significance of being at the heart of the "Air Capital" of the world.  They illustrate the community's efforts to soar high and "fly" together.  The circles overlapped through the Keeper are exemplary of the round shape of golf balls and disc golf, which have both been the main attraction at Clapp Park.  They also represent the movement of our thoughts.  We decided to title our Keeper as "City Bird Keeper". 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Finding a Place for the Keeper

The other day, we were asked which particular spot of the park we would like to place our Keeper, so we went to the park again.  Since it is a huge park with no vehicle accessiblity inside, it was nearly impossible to see the whole place, but we knew it had to be the place that people can go to see easily even with wheelchairs.  We decided to focus on the area close to the Clapp Park building with the park's main parking lot nearby.

Since the park was a former golf course, it has a lot of remnants of the circular putting greens.  They looked like a nice place for sculptures/statues.  We particularly liked a couple of these circular areas; one near the Clapp Park building and one close to the corner of the cross-section of Oliver St. and Harry St.  The first one is very close to the park building which is easily accessible, and the second one is visible from the street.  We decided to nominate these two places and leave it up to Together Wichita to decide the rest.

Painting the Keeper

Here are some photos to share how we were painting the Keeper.  This was about over half-way through.


     Chris Frank from KPTS came to our studio garage the other day.  He is making a documentary to feature all 13 artists who have been working on this project as well as Blackbear Bosin, the original artist of the Keeper of the Plains.  My daughter did a good job with the interview, but I was sweating horribly with a mask on.  This documentary program is going to be on air four times on their station and this will also become the official unveiling of the Keepers. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Undercoating and Drawing on the Keeper

We spent a couple of weeks with the undercoating and drawing on the Keeper.  We found this process quite important, so we spent more days than we had estimated on it.  Basically, we worked inside our studio garage, but since the ceiling is not high enough, we had to take the Keeper outside from time to time to see if the design was correct when it was upright.  We've been appreciating our family who has helped with carrying it every time we do it! 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Working on Planning for the Keeper

      After getting some information and inspiration, my daughter and I did some brainstorming and talked about several different ideas while we did some sketching.  We nailed down an idea that we both liked, and I did a drawing on a sheet of paper with color pencils first.  We chose this stylized and simplified mode of rendering with many colors to create a vibrant and whimsical tone.


     Then, I transferred the image to a  template sheet, and my daughter created a digital image from it.

     Together with the artist statement, we sent the proposal and it got approved thankfully by the Bosin Foundation and Together Wichita, but we needed to wait to receive the Keeper for about a month due to the Corona Virus pandemic and the stay at home order.  What a time to live in!  Stay safe everybody!


Monday, June 15, 2020

Exploring and Learning about District 3

    Prior to the arrival of the Keeper, my daughter and I spent some time in Clapp Park.  Clapp Park is a park with 95 acres in the middle of an urbanized area in South Wichita.  We were overwhelmed to see its vastness.  It used to be a golf course, but now it is used for a walking course and a disc golf course. 

     Then, we explored around District 3 of Wichita where Clapp Park is located.  We found these major structures as inspiration in the district.  These structures are interesting.   In a sense, they illustrate different facets of peoples' needs such as medical, educational, spiritual, political, and social needs.  

     We were also invited to attend a district council meeting at the Water Center in February.  They introduced us, and we listened to their input from the district representatives.  It was informative and very good to meet the people from the district where our Keeper is going to be located.