Monday, June 15, 2020

Exploring and Learning about District 3

    Prior to the arrival of the Keeper, my daughter and I spent some time in Clapp Park.  Clapp Park is a park with 95 acres in the middle of an urbanized area in South Wichita.  We were overwhelmed to see its vastness.  It used to be a golf course, but now it is used for a walking course and a disc golf course. 

     Then, we explored around District 3 of Wichita where Clapp Park is located.  We found these major structures as inspiration in the district.  These structures are interesting.   In a sense, they illustrate different facets of peoples' needs such as medical, educational, spiritual, political, and social needs.  

     We were also invited to attend a district council meeting at the Water Center in February.  They introduced us, and we listened to their input from the district representatives.  It was informative and very good to meet the people from the district where our Keeper is going to be located.